Who are "The Outlaws"

We are a line-dance group who likes to dance a lot with a great deal of enthusiasm in our own way. We dance mostely on live music because we like to have contact with the band on stage.

What is "our own way" ?

Our own way of dancing can be described best as dancing in a less tight formation. We know how to dance and we sure can dance but there is a lot of space for all kind of extras. We also like to involve the audions with our performance.

How do I recognise "The Outlaws"?

We can be recognised best by our clothing. We'll try to be dressed like the cowboys in the wild west. All the men are whearing white coates, chaps, spurs and guns. The ladies are whearing chaps too but don't have coats.

Spurs and guns, that looks very dangerous ?

I can be short to that, no. The only people that might have trouble with the spurs are "The Outlaws", because they might trip over their own spurs and the guns are replicas which are fixed in the gun holster, so that they can’t be used in anyway.

It seems to be a lot of fun.

It is a lot of fun and when you see us, you're welcome to join us. But we do have a rule: no sigarets or glasses on the dance floor. Alcohol is something that we don't drink anyway because like I said, we like to keep it cosy.

Where can I get more information about "The Outlaws"

For futher information please see our contact-page:

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